Ball Jointed dolls and kimono

So I was asked to make some promotion photos of this beautiful kimono from it's creator Anapal.  My bjd Haru gladly accepted his role as a model. Thus makes me think he is into kimono and Japanese stuff... And after wearing such an exclusive piece I'm afraid I'll be  facing demands to get him one. 

Well, the kimono is sewed in the smallest details. It comes with the beautiful obi that is made to be more easy to put, but still looks gorgeous. The kimono itself is made from a human size authentic silk kimono. When you touch the fabric you can feel how pleasant and soft it is. And what I love the most is the scale of the ornaments. They looks so natural that it's hard to believe it's not woven special for BJD :D I got a little bit jealous of such skills in kimono making. Damn, they are so beautiful that I want a kimono for myself to. I newer thought the material was so lovely and natural. I had a really fun time doing this. I must make a background more suitable for these kind of photos and to ask Anapal for landing me a kimono again :D

 Just look at the scale of thins inner kimono. Haru is 63 cm tall and the scale of the flowers are perfect. They are not to big, but has the normal size the real kimono would have too. What am I saying... It is a real kimono, just in a smaller version :) 

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